On August 8th, 2011, C2M Media Group came into being to create cinematic works that would make a difference. Located in the historic Nan Xin Cang Cultural Park, its offices consist of five houses of the former “Imperial Granary” boasting a proud history of 800 years. Focusing on content creation and aspiring to become the leading “creative service provider” in the country, C2M has been developing its influences in four directions, ie content development, creative services, capital, and technology. Prioritizing itself in discovering and nurturing young talents, C2M has worked with up-and-coming first-time directors including Xu Wei, Wen Zhang, Wu Youyin, and Lu Zhengyu, helping them with their first feature films, many of which were nominated for and won various awards in China and overseas. C2M releases include well-received films like A Wedding Invitation, Girls, Miss Granny, When Larry Met Mary, The One, Peace Breaker, and Till the End of the World.


C2M Pictures Film “Peace Breaker” was released.
C2M Pictures Film “The One” was released.
True Story Initiative, the first platform in China to showcase true stories, was founded by a new generation of young journalists devoted to the discovery and promotion of true stories. True Story Initiative harbors great potential in discovering writers from all walks of life, collecting non-fictional story properties, and providing story solutions to realistic film and TV projects.
C2M Pictures film “Making Family” was released.



Joshua Dong


Executive Producer. Founded C2M Media Group in 2011 and has been running strategic planning and project investment and production as Chairman and President. Relying on years of hands-on production experience and a unique vision, he has been actively expanding international collaboration, and successfully financed China-Korea co-productions like A Wedding Invitation and Miss Granny. He has devoted himself to discovering new talents, having worked with first-time film directors Xu Wei on Lost in White and Wen Zhang on When Larry Met Mary in 2016, and Lu Zhengyu on The One and Wu Youyin on Till the End Of TheWorld in 2017.

Tony Lin

CFO/Vice President

Joined C2M Media Group in 2011 as CFO and Vice President. Running strategic planning and investment in projects and outside companies.

Chen Shuang

Executive Chairman /Vice President

Former journalist and documentary director at CCTV and Beijing TV. Well connected in the industry. Joined C2M Media Group in 2011 as Co-Founder. Running public relations, collaboration, project management and branding.

Dong Zi Wei

COO /Vice President

Former Operational Manager of China Telecom Shaoxing Branch and Ningbo Cultural Plaza. Years of experience in company management. Joined C2M Media Group in 2015 as COO and Vice President. Running Administration and Human Resources.