On August 8th, 2011, C2M Media Group came into being to create cinematic works that would make a difference. Located in the historic Nan Xin Cang Cultural Park, its offices consist of five houses of the former “Imperial Granary” boasting a proud history of 800 years. Focusing on content creation and aspiring to become the leading “creative service provider” in the country, C2M has been developing its influences in four directions, ie content development, creative services, capital, and technology. Prioritizing itself in discovering and nurturing young talents, C2M has worked with up-and-coming first-time directors including Xu Wei, Wen Zhang, Wu Youyin, and Lu Zhengyu, helping them with their first feature films, many of which were nominated for and won various awards in China and overseas. C2M releases include well-received films like A Wedding Invitation, Girls, Miss Granny, When Larry Met Mary, The One, Peace Breaker, and Till the End of the World, with another four or five new releases in each of the coming years.




C2M Pictures is a subsidiary of C2M media group. They are responsible for connecting all kinds of creative individuals to produce content. Starting in 2016, using years of experience in co-productions and managing projects, C2M pictures has developed into a company that runs point on 4-5 projects a year. In 2017, C2M pictures has started the Film and Tv initiative. Given that they are able to maintain the quality of features films, they will also produce 1-2 original series per year.


C2M Services provides talented filmmakers with 6 types of services, which are: IP development, Producing, Marketing, Brokerage, Business and distribution. Within the company there’s a team built with professionals from each of the 6 fields. The team is responsible for providing streamlined and standardized coordination and management, putting to use the combined resources from every field in this industry. Each of the 6 stages in the process will be handled by the appropriate subsidiary to ensure the most professional service. They will coordinate amongst themselves to provide the customer with tailored resources and complete service.


C2M Capital encompasses two departments. Project Investment and Equity Investment. The project investment department will not only invest in projects that C2M runs point on, but also invest in other outstanding projects in the industry. Providing support for content based production. The equity investment department invests in talent and production companies, creating a platform for them to get resources.


C2M Tech has its eye on the future of the industry, making steady progress towards “Industry connectivity tools”, “Data application” and “Visual effects technology”.